Lemon Chicken + Mystery Solved

I was following links the other day (sound familiar? I do this a lot. LOL) and came across a recipe for Lemon Chicken from Heather D. White’s blog. I figured, why not? She raved about it, and lately I’ve been on a kick of trying new recipes.

So I tried it. It was so awesome. Jared took one bite and said, “I love you.” Ha. Quickest way to a man’s heart, eh? Too bad this girl isn’t a better cook, then…

Anyway. Straight from the blog of Ms. Heather, here is the recipe:

Heather’s Lemon Chicken

12 chicken tenders (I cut 3 large chicken breasts into 4 strips)


2 T. lemon juice

1 C. heavy cream (NOT Half & Half)

2 T. white cooking wine or white grape juice concentrate (I did the grape juice)

2 tsp. grated lemon peel

6 thin pats margarine

parmesan cheese

salt & pepper

Cook chicken tenders in a buttered saucepan, until browned and cooked through. Place chicken in a glass casserole dish. In the same saucepan, add lemon juice, lemon peel and white cooking wine or white grape juice concentrate. Keep on low heat and add Heavy Cream. Salt & pepper the sauce. When heated through, pour over chicken tenders. Put pats of margarine over chicken and shake parmesan cheese (generously) on top. Place under a broiler for 7-12 minutes. Serve over potatoes or rice.

I cut 3 large chicken breasts (it was about 1.5 lbs) into 4 strips each, and used the white grape juice. I added some chicken seasoning to the chicken (it has rosemary and lavender in it), as well as salt + pepper. We put it over rice. Ahh, I can’t wait to make this dish again. :)

Today was really good. Relaxing. Fun. We made Ghirardelli chocolate ice cream again. Took some over to Gabby. She handed me the Mini Boden catalog, full of awesome kids’ clothing, and of course, beautiful kids. :) She also handed me a bag of Cadbury’s Mini Eggs, since my little pack disappeared into small hands and small mouths, and they’re only available once a year. (I do think it’s a reflection on us that the kids come in the office and the first thing they say is, “Can I have a candy? (Rowen)” or “Mer cah-dee?” (Elliott). *sigh*). That girl just makes me laugh, and makes me glad to live in NC.

Okay, and speaking of living in NC, you fabulous sleuthers have discovered the source of our stinky innertube blossoms:


As far as I can tell from what you guys have given me, this is a Bradford Pear tree. And lucky us! We have 2 in our front yard! (and we didn’t even know it until a few days ago, when boom! blossoms and whiffs of innertube appeared).

Incidentally, I’ve also heard them referred to this week (because they are EVERYWHERE) as poopy diapers, dead fish, and garbage. So apparently these magical and beautiful blossoms smell like whatever your least favorite smell is. It is crazy how BAD these things can smell. Where I come from, the trees and bushes may be ugly (lodgepole pines and sagebrush, anyone?), but they smell good. The South is a mysterious place sometimes…

Thank you for all your sweet comments on the mini kit! Can’t wait to see what you do with it! And yes, I’ll make a boy one to match. Ha. Sorry about that. Sometimes I get pink into my system and it needs to get out. :)