Anthropologie shoes, Innertube blossoms, and CKC Nashville

I had a few quiet minutes today. Okay, I stole them from my future self, who will be up way late tonight finishing stuff b/c of the minutes taken earlier. But it was worth it. I was making the rounds of blogs today, just following links from one sidebar to another, came across Elsie’s, then her Red Velvet, then Candice Stringham’s very inspiring post from today, and scrolling down Candice’s blog, I see this gorgeous (but alas, strapless) dress from Anthropologie, and found myself on Anthropologie’s web site…

Where I began to hear this strange music.

The music you sometimes hear when a new pair of shoes is calling to you.

Jessica…. click on the SHOES link, Jessica…

I’m in the Espadrilles section.

Now, you have to know that I haven’t really gone in for espadrilles in the past. Maybe when a word is too hard to say, it puts you off of the thing itself. Or maybe I wasn’t European enough (although I can’t imagine how THAT has changed), or I didn’t own enough linen skirts, or didn’t live in a warm enough place to make something like this not only practical, but necessary. Right? Necessary.

But these shoes. Gorgeous.


And not just gorgeous in that oh I would only wear them on special occassions gorgeous. These are so sweet, so cute. So great for capris or skirts, stores or parks or sandboxes. Anyway, normally I’m opposed in general to spending $150.00 on a pair of shoes. I’m way more of a “buy two for $60 or $70 each - or better yet, buy one, and spend the rest on scrap supplies” kind. But… I’ve been a veddy veddy good girl lately… 

So while I’m in an espadrille-y mood, got any to show me? Link me up! 

Funny.. and true

Jared had the funny of the day (it was midnight last night when he said it, so it counts for today. He had taken the kids to the park yesterday after work so mama could have a break. I love that guy with all my heart for that.

Anyway, around here in NC there are these trees. I don’t even know what they are, but they are in FULL bloom with these beautiful little white blossoms, that LOOK like they ought to smell really good…

So last night, Jared says, “You know all those trees that are bl0oming right now? If you get up close to a bunch of them, they smell JUST like bike tire inner tubes.”

Awesome. I have to admit that I haven’t gotten close enough to the blossoms yet for a good whiff. But my curiosity is definitely piqued. And anybody know the tree I’m talking about?

CKC Nashville

And lastly, if you are going to CKC Nashville, I’ll be there teaching classes for Creating Keepsakes. These are paper classes, but we wanted to add in some fun twists. I’ll be having a little contest/challenge and giving away PRIZES in class to participants. The summary is: If you make a layout with one of my Photoshop Friday techniques on it (any one, doesn’t matter), and bring that layout to class, or bring a photo of it, you’ll go in the drawing for prizes. Neat. More details on that tomorrow (because I need to verify WHICH of the classes I’m actually teaching.. ha..). :)