Scrapbooking and Birthdays and iTunes

Wow. I’ve been totally buried. By scrappy stuff. By deadlines. By enjoying life, and Rowen’s birthday on Sunday. By taking a break from the internet for a bit over the weekend. :)


But I wanted to say thank you and congratulations on completing your grid pages, to everyone who did one and uploaded it to the CK gallery. (You can see them here). It is so awesome to see your great work. Your heartfelt pages. Your photos. Great job. Loved that there were both paper and digital pages in there. Awesome.

 And I have been hearing that you love the coupon codes for the digi shoppes that are going out in the announcements to The List. Awesome. I hope you get some great goodies and head back here for some PS techniques. THAT sounds like a way to spend an evening, doesn’t it? :D


And I wanted to share a few photos from Rowen’s birthday. My big girl turned 3 on Sunday. She got a new bike on Saturday, and she is SO HAPPY (she even told us so on the way home: “I am SO happy. This is my best birthday EVER.”) The bike is just her size, has handlebar streamers and a little storage bucket in the back for her “friends” to take a ride with her.


And since she’s still figuring out basic stuff like pedals and steering, we’re happy that it has a parental control on the back. :)


We made cupcakes and sang “Happy Birthday” to her, and she sighed and said in this quiet whispery voice of pure contentment, “I LOVE my happy birthday song.” Good thing, too, since we called both sets of grandparents and each set sang it to her again. :)

One of the curses of being born in early February, though, is that you don’t get to spend much time riding your new bike outside, because even in North Carolina it’s too flippin cold and windy! I never thought I’d say that about a 35-degree day in Early February… (since it’s what? -500 in Minnesota right now), but there it is.


We recently picked up a great kids’ music album on iTunes from a guy we saw on the Disney Channel. Dan Zanes is the former frontman for the rock band Del Fuegos, but decided when he had a family, to create a new record label and release children’s music instead. These songs are pretty folky in nature, but so cute. We have a little post-bathtime tradition of going downstairs, kids in PJs, and dancing to a few songs before bed. Current favorites are the Night Time album from Dan Zanes and the Welcome to Ralph’s World album. And “dancing” consists of two small ones in footie pj’s spinning circles in the living room. Now THAT is pure enjoyment.  (Also, anyone know if you can create a hyperlink to an iTunes album? I couldn’t figure it out). If you have any kids’ music recommendations, let me know. We’re always on the hunt for stuff that doesn’t make us want to scream. :)

 Have a great day! And THANK YOU for linking your layouts in the PSF comments. Your work is awesome. I always go look at all of the layouts you link, even if I don’t always have time to comment on them.

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