Photoshop Friday 2007 #8! Hybrid Day!


Are you READY?! I’ve been waiting ALL DAY for this to go up. (Seriously, refreshing obsessively and biting my fingernails to nubs.) And now it’s up. Awesome. Today’s PSF, as I mentioned is being hosted over at the Creating Keepsakes web site, in conjunction with their Weekend Challenge (which a Hall of Famer hosts each week, you should check that out).

This week’s tutorial (because we’re inviting paper scrapbookers to play along with us) is a bit more basic than we usually do around here, (but that’s alright - practice makes perfect), and is focused on a technique that can be used in either paper or digital scrapbooking: typing text on a photo.

 Here is the link to this week’s Photoshop Friday: 

Click the More button after the introduction to go to the tutorial + screen shots. 

And for you text-on-a-photo pros out there - I’ve included some additional challenges at the very end of the tutorial. No slacking!

RAK for This Week’s Challenge!

A RAK is a Random Act of (Scrappy) Kindness.  Basically it’s a cool freebie, and I’ll be giving away a RAK to a lucky winner from this weekend’s challenge (just to get you in the challenge-y mood. Are you there? Good.).

Here’s the goods:

  1. Create a brand new layout with this week’s technique - and if you’re more advanced, try some semi-transparency, or one of the additional challenges at the end of the tutorial. I want to see what you can come up with when you push yourself. :)
  2. Post your layout in the CK gallery by midnight EST on Monday (so you have all day Saturday, Sunday, and Monday to grab an hour or two to work on this. :) When you post, make sure to include the “Weekend Challenges” tag.
  3. I’ll choose 1 layout randomly from those posted by midnight EST on Monday, to receive a RAK. :) Here is the RAK in question:



It’s a brand-new copy of an amazing new idea book: My Creative Companion 2 - edited by Becky Higgins. This book is packed with great ideas for photos, journaling, embellishments, all kinds of stuff. Although this shows examples of paper scrapbook pages, it’s brimming with great ideas for digi scrappers as well. And it’s $30.00. You might get this. :D

Sound fun? See how much I love text on a photo?

So head on over, check out the tutorial, and have a wonderful, awesome Photoshop Friday Challenge Weekend!

And One more Thing 

Oh, and pssst: I was over on the CK web site looking for the image above, and stumbled across this: 

 It totally geeked me out! Sure, there’s no cover image yet, but WOW! Can’t wait for this to come out. I’ve been dying to share computer tricks in a take-along, dog-ear-and-refer back, read-in-the-tub kind of format that PSF just can’t be right now. So hooray! :D


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