Yesterday, and Tomorrow. :D

 My friend Kirstensent me this in an email today:

I love how smoothly you go from scrappy girl I love to geek…so seamless :)”

 Ha! Well, if you start talking to me about scrapbooking and then about your web site, that’s what you get, I guess… I tend to get pretty darned excited about them both. But it’s one of the highest compliments I’ve gotten in a long time. And I can’t imagine one I’d rather receive. :D Thanks, Kirsten, for making this girl’s day.

I was snapping pics of the kids yesterday, out in the back yard (yeah, I said back yard. It was 70 degrees yesterday, and 70 again today, and for the thousandth time at least, I think to myself how happy I am to live someplace warm. :D), and I caught this:


And it wasn’t until I was going through them today that this one hit me. Every now and then one hits me, for whatever reason, and just echoes with my soul, or my heart, or some memory, and makes me sigh




Who knows why this one did that, except that looking at it, I see my little boy. Rapidly losing all evidence of babyhood. Getting curiouser and more independent day by day. And heart-achingly beautiful to me. The dimples in his hands, the tousled bed-head from his nap, the Shirt Just Like Daddy’s Shirt, the sassy eyebrows. My kid. Man. That is some kind of luck I have, huh? :)


On the scrappy front, Photoshop Friday will be a little different tomorrow - I’m hosting the Weekend Challenge over at the CK message board, so we’re combining the two. You’ll find the instructions and layout on the CK site tomorrow, and have the weekend to make a layout, if you want to participate in the challenge. Just upload your completed layout to the CK gallery, and I’ll be sending RAKs to 3 random winners. :D That’s right, RAK time. 

More details tomorrow, so stay tuned.

p.s. Thank you for all your awesome questions. Wow! I’ll have another Q+A session again when my fingers and my brain heal. ;)

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