Thank you!

Thank you.

Thank you for your words of encouragement, and “I hear ya, sista” on the post from yesterday. I guess I half-expected for someone to pipe up and say, heck yeah, it gets way easier at age <insert age here>. And you know, nobody did. So either those people don’t read this blog, or that age doesn’t exist. I’m starting to suspect it’s the latter… but good days outnumber the questionable ones, so I think we’re doing fine. :)

And thank you for your great advice on the Book of the Year. I decided I just need to get a simple book done that contains my favorite photos of 2006. I just don’t have the time right now to go back any earlier than that. Plus with 2006 I’m already up to several dozen and I’m only in the first half of the year… so your recommendations of quick and easy photo books will come in handy. :)

And on the Ordinary Life front, our family night tonight consisted of frozen pizza, singing a church song, and then dancing to our Ralph’s World CD, after which we ate homemade brownies and Jared’s famous homemade Ghirardelli chocolate ice cream.  The smaller half of us were in pajamas. The larger half wished they were. And it wasn’t glamorous, but it was full of smiles and laughter and music, and what more can you ask than that?

Happy February 12. Hopefully you are thinking what to do for your honey (which reminds me.. I need to think of what to do for mine…) if you celebrate Valentine’s Day. A great excuse to get sappy, take some photos, and use that gorgeous BasicGrey Blush line for some killer layouts, right? :D Right.

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