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Sunday. They say it gets better.

Today.. was one of those Rough Days at Church. They sometimes happen. I’m grateful when they don’t, and the rough days serve to keep me grateful on the good days (as with all of life, right?).

It was one of those days in which scrapbooking, because it forces me to look at the things in my life with eyes of celebration and love, becomes therapy. Like this layout, which I did tonight:

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Scrapping this photo reminds me that Rowen is a rare girl. I love her for it. But I’m still glad this day is over. Backstory follows. :P 

The first two meetings of Church are fine. Jared and I team-teach the 4-5 year old class. So cute. We can see a glimpse of what Rowen will be in the next couple years. It’s fun to teach a low-stress class, and be with Jared at church. The final meeting, though, is always the rough one, although we always hope that it’ll be a great day.

Today wasn’t that day.

We sat in the back, near the door, as we always do. We usually don’t make it the entire meeting without at least one  small one needing to be taken out to calm down. Elliott instantly screamed, pretty much as soon as we sat down, so out into the hallway he went. Then Rowen started out the meeting alright with me, tracing around her hands with crayons. She dropped a few, so I bent down to get them, and somehow in the flash of 4 seconds, she had the little bowl of Cheerios that we keep in their Church bag out, and I turned around just in time to see her in the last second of prying the bowl open (lid in one hand, bowl in the other), and see 100 Cheerios explode in every direction.

Nobody in church really knows how to react to someone whose kid has just exploded Cheerios in a 5-foot radius all around her chair. Do you bend down to help? Do you pretend it didn’t happen? Well, everyone around us chose #2, and resolutely kept singing the song, pretending to be oblivious to me on my hands and knees picking up  pieces of cereal from under their chairs. I was actually pretty glad of that - it made for a quicker escape.

After that, we cut our losses and left. I was too embarrassed to go back into the meeting after that incident, and the kids were so tired and spent and scream-y, and we were both so worn down, it seemed like the best option at the time.

I hear it gets better. We’ve been waiting for that time. Better is NOT a 1.5 year old who has missed his morning nap and a barely-3-year-old who’s gotten ahold of  a bowl of Cheerios. But I think that Church is important. I really do. Sometimes I forget that on days like this, and think, why the heck do we bother? But I know why. And someday, these small ones will know why, and that keeps me going week after week, doing my best.

We had some new friends invite us over tonight for some really phenomenal banana cream pie (Ms.-non-cook didn’t even know you could make this stuff from scratch! Move over, Jell-o pudding!) and a visit with them and their three boys. Jared grew up in a family of three boys. He was the youngest. He totally empathized with boy #3, saying “Man, that kid is totally broken in”. I thought that was hilarious.

I failed in my quest to take the weekend off yet again, by editing and printing a bunch of photos. Oh, and by making this layout  But that’s not the same, right? I just really love some of the photos that have been coming out of my camera lately. Any ideas for a quick and easy low-stress book I could put them in? I know if I get all hardcore I’ll never actually get it done, since the ‘paid’ work will come back and this will get put aside. I would like to create some kind of, “These are my 50 favorite pictures Ever” album. Super quick and easy. Please link me if you have some ideas here. :D

Happy Sunday! 

Thank you!

This is what the "weekend off" means...