This is what the "weekend off" means...

I took the weekend off. No projects or scrappy stuff for Jes. :D (Right? Can she do it?)

Well, yesterday I shipped out packages at the UPS store, and although I had both kids with me, the Paper Playground (that is like 1/2 mile from my house, yeah!) is directly next door to the UPS store. I can’t NOT go in, right? I mean, Next Door. Of course, it was just like it ALWAYS is with two kids - one crying to get out of the stroller, one already having escaped, and busy dropping her sucker (obtained from aforementioned UPS store..) on the floor, and disappearing around corners, and anyway. Not much retail therapy there (although I did pick up some American Crafts chipboard arrows and a new set of their rub-ons. LOVE those. Collect those. Hoard those.  :D

And I spent a great evening having Family Pizza Night and just loving on my sweet blonde little ones. They are so darned snuggly. Jared caught this photo yesterday, and it’s precious to me. Every now and then a photo perfectly captures exactly how I feel. This is one of those.


And today Gabby and I went to .. the scrapbook store.. (okay! so I can’t even take a weekend off! LOL) up in Durham, called Carolina Memories. Love that place. Of course we know that all the CHA stuff isn’t in yet, but we were really feeling the need for some retail therapy. Rowen came with us, and played in the play area, until about 15 minutes in we spied her ON TOP of the half-wall they’ve built around the play area.. having apparently climbed on a chair and then sort of shimmied up the rest of the way… in tights and a skirt (which I mistakenly thought would help her to behave a little bit more…) and the shopping trip was pretty much over after that. :P But it was on to lunch, so all good.

I still managed to find some nice goodies from We-R-Memory Keepers (cool circular snaps),   paper flowers in gorgeous colors (that I’ve passed up at least 5 times.. but hey, I’m worth it, right?) from Fancy Pants (and let me just say right now that doing a Google search for “Fancy Pants” is NOT a good idea. But go ahead, try it for yourself. You’ve been warned.), some awesome ribbon from Making Memories, super cute GREEN chipboard from Scenic Route (cause I NEED another alphabet… right.) and some really cute tapes and flocked shapes from EK Success’ new Simply Classic line. Loved the twill labels, too. All in all, a very successful trip. Love me some Gabby (love ya, Gabby!). Love me some scrapbook shopping. Love taking only one kid out to a place. Ahhh. 

And what have I done in all my other spare time? Cleaned, and played Warcraft. Yeah. Talk Nerdy to me (but my Troll Shadow Priest is almost level 64! Woot!). 

Oh yeah, and check this out. I made homemade banana muffins this morning. And Jared made homemade chocolate ice cream. He is the official ice cream maker at our house, since we got this electric ice cream maker for Christmas. I really wish I could provide a little taste-test of this awesome stuff through the Internet, because it is seriously the BEST chocolate ice cream I’ve ever had. No wonder, it contains: heavy cream, whole milk, vanilla, sugar, and 2 large Ghirardelli Semi-sweet chocolate bars. Heck YEAH, that is my kind of dessert (and that reminds me, I need to get some photos of my ordinary life, in which my extraordinary husband makes extraordinary ice cream with ordinary ingredients. Magic. (If you call Ghirardelli chocolate ordinary, that is… but it flows nicely)

Happy Saturday! 

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