Random Tuesday observations

A few things I’ve noted today.

  • When it is 40 degrees outside, Ramen noodles and warmie socks are good for the soul. (ha! North Carolina has made me soft.)
  • Putting the Advent boxes full of candy in arm’s reach of the 2-year-old can have its drawbacks. (He came upstairs with box #8 this morning. Empty box #8…)
  • An entire morning to focus, and the ability to focus, are separate and individual blessings that don’t always come at the same time (especially for one short-attentioned and easily distracted person I know). Today they did, and that’s a good thing.
  • Daily December may actually turn into Every Other Day December. Or perhaps Biweekly December. I’ll let you know how that goes. How’s it going for you?

Here’s day 1, using Jen Wilson’s Merry Days Third papers:


Days 2, 3, 4 are on their way. :) 

 More awesome Advent-calendar-box-hanging ideas from YOU!

And one more observation. You are a lot smarter than me. Check out these awesome ideas for hanging the boxes!

  • From Andi: ” What about that 3M sticky stuff that is made for hanging things on walls?”
  • From Michele: “Command adhesive release strips, deary.” (bonus points for the term of endearment! love ya, Michele!)
  • From Colorado_Kid: “I made one and velcroed the boxes to an old window - decorated the wood with a rub on “Christmas.” That sounds awesome. I’d love to see a pic!
  • From Damon: What about getting a sheet of metal and spray painting it with chalkboard paint and then using baseboard material to attache a “frame” to it. Then glue magnets onto the back of the boxes. You could leave the frame up all year with a place for quick notes (or just a place for the kids to draw on) etc.” Another awesome idea. Wow.
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