Welcome to my blog! I write, and take photos, and use Photoshop every day. I love learning and surprises and my sweet family and being a transplanted southerner.

Thank you.

I had a bit of a sickness relapse yesterday. Just spent the day tired and feeling kind of out of sorts, and I just needed all the energy I could gather to push through the final pieces of the assignments I was finishing before the holidays.

Two things:

1. I am DONE. Until January! Yahooo! I am really looking forward to a break.

2. I received a package (which apparently came a couple days ago, and which Jared just gave to me on their way out the door right now to give me a little quiet time - somehow he knew I’d need some time to absorb this) that was totally, TOTALLY unexpected.

In it was a book. Easily one of the most beautiful books I’ve ever seen. It’s more than 60 pages long and full of digital scrapbook pages. And inside are the photos of beautiful women who decided to go on a digital journey with me this year - layouts created by the students in my first-ever Now We’re Rockin’ intermediate digital scrapbooking class. (and I suspect that many were in my beginner class as well).

I’m sitting here barely able to see through the tears - the layouts are gorgeous, no doubt about that, and each one is unique and tells a story of a beautiful, powerful woman. These pages themselves represent friends I’ve gained this year,  but what strikes me is that these pages represent the personal journey of each woman toward becoming a digital scrapbooker. They are evidence. Both of learning and of love. And that overwhelms me.

Thank you to everyone who participated in this book. Here are a few photos from it (I wish I could take pics of them all - they are stunningly beautiful!)

First, the cover, which they tell me is made from a mosaic of ALL their layouts. Incredible.


And a few more:










Thank you. 

I don’t think you can really know how very much this means to me. I am honored to be part of your life, and humbled that you took the time to create this gift for me.

Thank you to everyone who took a risk and took a class with me this year, whether at CKU or online. I LOVE seeing your layouts, reading your stories, going on the journey into the “dark side” with you.

Thank you for stopping by this blog and offering your words of encouragement, advice, commentary, and your stories.

My life is so much richer for being part of this connected world. Here’s a great big tearful, Christmasy SQUEEZE all around.




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