Five. Chililicious + decorations.

The other day I asked for recipes, and Dierdre put me on to an older post of Cathy Zielske’s for “Chililicious”. You have to scroll down to the link for the pdf file.

We tried the “Chili-licious” last night, and it is so. so. SO. good. Dierdre was right - it tastes more like tortilla soup than a chili, but we put ours over rice (A la the Mexican Gumbo at Q-doba, if you live near one of those). We added in jack cheese and sour cream at the end, as well, and basically stuffed ourselves full of spicy goodness. (Ours wasn’t too spicy though, Elliott ate his, and Rowen - who doesn’t always like trying new foods, and therefore whose diet mainly consists of rice and pbj and quesadillas and applesauce - doesn’t count. :P)

There is enough left over to feed at least 8 more people, so just be warned, and use 1) a really big pan, and 2) invite some friends over, and 3) definitely use a rotisserie chicken. 


(from yesterday, since I was busy with work all afternoon, and went to bed at 9 p.m. ha!):

Decorations. Of all the times of year, I think Christmas is filled with the most meaningful decor. This year I had so much fun getting to know the other CKU teachers: Becky, Ali, Candice, Ana, and Carrie. We had an awesome time teaching, and then spending our free time together hanging out, laughing, exchanging stories, and becoming friends. Between events we stay caught up with a big email list, and it is so much fun. We decided this year that we’d do a cool exchange: Candice assigned each of us a person to make a home decor item for, and I got Ali (I know, right?). Talk about nerve-wracking! These are geniuses of design! I thought and thought what I’d do, and ended up doing a big wall-hanging that Ali could add her own photos to and place in her house.

Here’s the wall hanging I made for Ali:



And here’s the full-sized one: 

Click for Larger

The decoration is pretty big - about 30 inches across. I used black foam-core board for the base, and then printed the panels on 8.5 x 11 sheets of photo paper. The squares in the middle panel are to hold 2x2 inch photos.

Supplies here:

  • Patterned papers from Meredith Fenwick’s Everyday paper packs (check her web site for her new home…) 
  • Swirly stuff is a vector image from, which I resized, rearranged, and recolored in Illustrator.
  • Ampersand is from the 2nd Hand Titles brush set from Katie Pertiet (DesignerDigitals) 
  • Chipboard snowflakes are from Cosmo Cricket (this whole set is Christmas themed and so cool) 
  • Chipboard ring is from Technique Tuesday
  • Letter sticker is from BasicGrey
  • Printed on my Epson R1800


Do you have a favorite Christmas decoration? Anything meaningful behind what you put up?

I’ll post pics of some of our own decorations later today. :) 


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