6 Geese a-laying...

The good news is: housecleaners came today. That was my Christmas present to me. :D

We decided to go to the mall while they were at the house, and showed up there, opened the trunk. Doh. No stroller. I should have turned and run.

But for some reason, this tiny and completely irrational voice in my head says, “It’ll be fine. We’ll all just walk.” And in we went.

<I recognize that this complete and total lapse in mama judgement happens to us all. Would love to hear more about this.

Now we will skip over the less pleasant parts of this story…. All the way to getting back in the car after the mall. ;)

Except for one little side note as it relates. Elliott is some kind of freaky mad genius with iPhones. And here is the backstory.

Last week he called my dad (we’ve checked - even with a phone number in the Favorites in an iPhone it is four clicks in exactly the right order to be able to make a phone call, and that’s AFTER sliding the slider to unlock it in the first place. All I overheard (I was unloading groceries, and he had found my phone in my unattended purse) from the other room was, “Hi! This is Ele. We go a park.” but since he fake-plays with phones (and anything even vaguely phone-shaped), I didn’t pay too much attention. Until my dad called back, laughing his head off. We had a great laugh over it, and of course it made Grandpa’s day to get called out of a meeting so his little grandson could tell him we were going to the park. But we were still scratching our heads.

Then. On Saturday night we went out for Chinese food. Elliott asked to watch “a bideo”, so Jared hands him the phone, and somehow Elliott erased ALL of the photos he had stored on there. Not a pleasant scene at the restaurant…

Today we were in the dressing room at the Gap - now before you think I’m totally NUTS for doing that, I know. Chalk it up to being sick (still sick. UGH), or just being temporarily insane for any number of other reasons, but I originally went to just return a pair of jeans I’d ordered online, and somehow found myself (deftly led by the salesperson) back in the dressing room trying on another pair of pants.

I turn my back.

“Hi! This is Ele. We go a mall.”


Well, this time it wasn’t my dad, but it WAS Jared. How the heck? So we all had a nice little phone convo with daddy in the dressing room at Gap.

And now we’ll fast-forward through the rest. Nothing to see here, please move along.

Now we’re home, and Rowen is here doing her “paperwork”, which consists of moving my scrap patterned paper and cardstock back and forth between the two baskets. She loves paper almost as much as I do, it seems, and that rocks. :D So she just pulled out an older piece on which I’d stamped her name in preparation for putting it on a project, and she said, “Hey! This is the one that spells Rowen!”

I said, “Are you sure it isn’t the one that spells Mama?”

“No. This one says R-O-W-E-N, that spells Rowen.”

“How do you spell Mama?”


Some days more than others, apparently. I didn’t think it showed…


For today, let’s talk about traditions. What special things does your family do around the holidays? Do you have any special Christmas Eve traditions? It seems like the whole Christmas Eve tradition is the one people feel most strongly about. Either you’re one of those, “We NEVER open ANY presents until Christmas morning” people (that’s my family), or you’re the “We open one on Christmas Eve” people (that’s Jared’s family), and it’s tough to change minds on this one, it seems. How do you swing that whole Night Before thing? I’d also love to hear what you love about your traditions - I’d like to add a few more traditions to the ones we already have. :)

For example. We are SO having Microwave S’Mores as part of our holiday festivities again. Look at these faces:


 Rowen shares with her Muck juice. :)

And Elliott is all sugared up. :P


 Have a wonderful day!


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