Photoshop Friday! Multi-layer clipping masks.

Friday night’s chat at DesignerDigitals was a blast! So crazy-nuts in there!

I have been sick with bronchitis for 10 days now, and I am JUST, KINDA, ALMOST, starting to feel like myself again. Not like some ghost of myself that also happens to have a 2-ton elephant sitting on my chest and a bag of cotton balls between my ears. Just me. It’s nice. :) And what they say about having your health being everything is true. Every word.

I rested yesterday, and it was awesome. Rested and cooked (yeah, you read that right. ;), but more on that next post.

In our PSF chat on Friday night, I taught how to create a clipping mask over an area with multiple layers in it, such as in this layout here (which is also getting a lot of mileage because it’s the only one of the December layouts I’ve done so far. So, SO looking forward to this next week of no projects + Christmas gear-up):


See how the three blocks on the top of the photo grid are actually one photo? It’s simple to do, but not necessarily straightforward, so it made a great tutorial. :)

And much to my UTTER delight and amazement, my good friend Liv E. created this downloadable PDF file with the transcript from the chat, and added in her own screen shots. THANK YOU Liv.

Click here to download the Multi-Layer Clipping Masks tutorial PDF

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