Ok, with the poll below? I hear you loud and clear.

I’ll be announcing ALL of the classes that will be taught at JessicaSprague.com in the first quarter of 2008 sometime the first part of December. That way you can make a plan, Stan.

Good stuff coming. Now for only 15 more hours in a day, or someone finding a way to eliminate the need for sleep, and I’ll be all set. :D

Kickin’ it Old-School

Jared came home yesterday after a trip to Target with the kids, and brought home a new DVD for them. Our life is full of Bob the Builder, Thomas, Baby Einstein, Little Einsteins, but Jared said that Rowen DIVED out of the cart after this movie: The Original Care Bears Movie!

I can’t believe this is on DVD! I watched this so many times when I was little. Man, I miss the time of Care Bears. And you know what? This movie is still cute, even like 25 years later. :D

The kids watched it tonight, by special request!

Rowen, who currently holds “classes” in her room every night for all her cars and trucks and stuffed animals, told Jared she wanted to bring her friends downstairs to watch the movie, “So I can teach them all about caring!” So she brought down her pillow from her bed, and lined up 6 0r 7 cars on the pillow facing the TV, so they could see the movie too.  

Do you have a nostalgic show or character from your past? Is it out on DVD again? You can actually check at this web site here: 80’s Cartoons Central. How awesome is that?

Rowen Funny 

Rowen came in to our room this morning and got in on my side of the bed. She comes in to wake us up at 7:00 a.m. SHARP every morning (except for the time change. For 4 days it was 6:00 a.m. SHARP, and we’ve slowly worked back over to the “new” 7:00. Sometimes she climbs in for a minute or two, and sometimes she just starts bringing in books and toys and blankets and generally talking nonstop until one of us gets up.

She laid there in bed quietly for a minute, and then said (pointing at the ceiling), “What is that sound?” I said (kinda sleepy), “Our heater and air conditioner are up there above us, so it makes a sound.” She said, “Up there with Jesus?”

In Other News

My iPhone skin came today, and it’s awesome. Fits like a.. skin. :P Next up is a skin for the laptop!

We got some new furniture for the front room in our house, which to the previous owners was a dining room and now is the room-where-we-sit-without-a-TV-in-it. A definite upgrade, as far as I’m concerned. :) We were looking around for side/coffee tables of the indestructable, doubles-as-a-toddler-seat variety, and came across these industrial-looking ones. They came today, came together quickly, and now there are two in front of the couch in the front room. :D



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