Finally getting to a Halloween recap. :) It has been a very crazy few weeks for us around here. Almost a month, now, in fact.

One day after I got back from CKU, my in-laws came to town. While they were still here, my mom came to town. We had an awesome time. Mainly we played with the kids a lot, went to Target a lot (which we do anyway), went to the park a lot, and ate. :P With the in-laws we played pinochle, and with my mom we played Warcraft while she played Mah Jong tiles at MSN games. Some nerdy fun right there. :) But man I have needed to catch up on sleep since we took my mom to the airport Thursday morning. It feels like things are just getting back to normal here. Whatever passes for normal, anyway. ;) 

My mom got to go trick-or-treating with Rowen, who really got it this year. She ran from house to house, and was very nice about saying Thank You when candy came her way (with reminders, of course). She was a butterfly by request this year, and was beautiful: 


Of course, I did a turn handing out candy (which in North Carolina on Halloween, you can do while sitting on your front porch), and in the lulls between Trick-or-Treaters, I got to play with Jack here, which Jared carved with the kids on Tuesday: 


We got smart this year and left the pumpkins uncarved until the day before we needed them. In Minnesota you can carve a pumpkin on October 1 and it freezes solid right up through Thanksgiving if you need it to. Around here, your poor pumpkin bakes in 80+ degree heat for a few days, until it becomes pumpkin mash, and then finally, pumpkin goo. Not a pretty thing. 

So Jack is pretty fresh at this point - his teeth are still pointy and not all shriveled in. ;)

Trick or treating in our neighborhood is great fun. Some of the grownups dress up. One large group has a wagon they pull that has a cooler full of cold drinks, and the kids run from house to house as they walk and chat down the middle of the road. So cool. Our neighbors on either side of us surprised us last year by decorating on Halloween day. All of a sudden out comes this enormous inflatable cat archway so tall that a grownup can walk through its legs. It has its own airpump and generator, and makes that scaredy-cat sound whenever someone walks through it. Showoffs. :P

Neighbors on the right put out this full-on graveyard, complete with smoking skulls, orange lights, and light-up skeleton footprints walking in the general direction of… our house.  Hm.

Us? Last year it was the rotten pumpkin. Actually, by the time Halloween actually hit, it was the goo. Not much in the way of festive decor…

This year was Jack, fresh as a daisy. And two smaller kid-sized pumpkins covered in red and black Sharpie scribbles. :) Like so:

Rowen_pumpkins.jpg The best part was hearing Rowen’s laugh of delight and excitement as we went between houses. And being there with my mom, who hasn’t been trick-or-treating with kids in at least 15 years.

We took my mom to the airport early Thursday morning, and after nearly three weeks of houseguests, had the place to ourselves again. It feels good to have a routine and schedule, although we love having our parents come see us, and I especially love that my kids get to interact with and get to know their grandparents, which they don’t get much of. Somehow two small kids had ALL the grandparents wrapped around their tiny fingers in short order, though. I think that’s the way of the universe. :)

Have a wonderful, super, Phabulous rest of the weekend. I’d love to hear about your Halloween, or see pics of your ghoulies and ghosties (including you!) if you’ve got them to share! :D 
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