Thursday Roundup

I’m not feeling that well tonight, so instead of a big long entry, I’ll just round up some links and faves I’ve discovered (or rediscovered) lately.

  • Small magazine. Very cool new e-zine geared toward parents of smallish kids. Lots of cool independent artists and musicians featured, plus activities. Very stylishly photographed, too.  They’ve even got Small Draw, a free printable .pdf file that you can gather up into what they are calling a “fine art coloring book.” And let’s not forget about FREE. :D
  • Some of the cutest monster dolls I’ve seen in a long time. Now to decide my favorite… I’m thinking Kyle, or Dudley, or maybe Bengie (but maybe because he and I are so much alike..).
  • Some super-cute vintage-inspired, holiday-themed printables from The Toy Maker. Ornaments, cards, place cards, and probably my favorite: print this star pattern onto some cool holiday patterned paper and make a bunch of ornaments for a party or to hang in your house. Might have to try that one for one of our advent activities. :D
  • Having been in a serious napping mood lately, here’s an article on napping you might like. Enjoy that little snooze. :D
  • I stumbled on the online companion to JPG magazine, which had a cool article on photography called “the not-so bridal shoot”. What really struck me was her last paragraph, though, applicable to anyone who ever makes anything (that’s most of us, right?):”I want to ask all of you that do portraiture or any other photography or art that involves a client… bring yourself, bring your voice, bring your ideas and fulfill the artist in you before you try to please the world. Don’t get lost in trying to please everyone around you, you will regret it when you look back at what was at your fingertips. Grab it when you can and go! - Maggie Hudson (italics added)
  • Re-reading Leave it to Psmith with Jared at night. I can do more bad British accents than you can shake a stick at, but we are giggling the whole time. :D
  • An awesome printable pattern for a pop-up Christmas tree card! Neat!
  • Kids Craft Weekly. Now that I have an almost-four-year-old, we are going to get way into crafts. Here seemed like a good start.

Tomorrow we’ll have our download, and I’ll give some ideas for what to add to your advent calendars (still time to make them if you haven’t! Check out the Kids Craft Weekly link for some cute quick ideas. :)
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