It's Tuesday: What have you written down?

This is as much for me as for you. Caught up in the weekend of events (you know, the little nothings of carpet cleaning and everyday life), and no pictures taken since Saturday. No stories written.

So here’s one. 

We bought these random little lights that to stick to the underside of cabinets (or anywhere), that are battery powered and turn on by pressing them. They look like hockey pucks, and it turns out the light is way too white for the use I was thinking, so now 4 of them are floating around the house as kid-toys.

It also turns out that they make perfect nightlights.

Rowen has a little shelf cart she keeps by her bed, where she stores her toys and books of the moment. She came out late last night to use the bathroom, and when Jared brought her back to bed, he noticed that the little round light was lit on the top shelf of the cart, and all her cars were circled around it, facing inward.

In her sleepy voice, she informed him that they were having a campfire.

So there is one. Another little detail of this precious mama-life that won’t be forgotten now.

So. What have you written down? And just remember before you think to yourself, “I didn’t do anything interesting or worth writing down.” (you know who you are): How much do you wish that your grandmother or great-grandmother had taken a few minutes on a random Tuesday and jotted a few things? Sometimes I get reminded of this, and get writing again.

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