In which there is a long backstory and a very short punchline.

I cleaned the carpets today. *flex* Our carpet shampooer has been an awesome investment. (sort of a necessity w/2 little kids..)

So as a reward, I decided I could take myself out to lunch. Chose Panda Express (their orange chicken has an addictive quality that is really hard to get over… but that’s another day’s post), and Rowen decided to come with me at the last minute.

We picked up the food and were driving home. She had been talking about how she wasn’t that cold (daily outfit today: skirt and t-shirt - it was 50 degrees), and she says, “What’s a degree, mama?”

So I said it’s a measure of temperature.

She said, “How cold is 2 degrees?”

“It’s really cold. Water turns to ice at 32 degrees.”

So this morphs into a discussion of the fact that water turns from a liquid into a solid.

I say, “Water is a liquid. What else is a liquid?”

She says, “Soap is a liquid.”

“Yes!” I say. She gets it! :D

She says, “Pee pee is a liquid.”

“That’s right!” (potty training turned us all a little less squeamish I guess)

She says, “Apple juice is a liquid!” Now I know she’s got it.

So we talk about things that are solids (her water bottle, the car, dirt, leaves), and then we get home.

 I say (hoping to motivate her to get in the house faster), “Let’s go in and tell daddy what we learned about solids and liquids!”

SO she jumps out of the car, runs up, and on opening the door, she shouts out:

“Daddy! Pee pee is a liquid!”

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