Let the holiday magic begin!

Who cares that it was 75 degrees here today? The winter holidays have officially begun! :D

I am SO EXCITED about Thanksgiving tomorrow, and looking forward in general to a long weekend, and getting a bunch of shopping done (online, of course - we’re spending Christmas with my parents and family in Idaho this year, so most of the kids’ packages are going straight there), and generally relaxing with the fam.

Jared just sent me the cutest pic EVER from his iphone, from the movie theater. We all went out to dinner, and then Jared and Rowen went to her very first movie ever while Ele and I hit up Borders. She chose Enchanted. He obviously knows how to hook her up with the good treats as well, and she looks so excited! :D  I love technology. It’s so much fun to see this in near real-time. :)


Disclaimer: not responsible for the Crocs-n-socks action there in the photo. That’s all her.  

I’m excited to make my 2nd ever Thanksgiving dinner. Somehow I made it to 32 and this is only #2 But of course, we’ve forgotten everything we did right last year with the turkey (and what we did wrong with the sweet potatoes… *shudder*). I figure the easiest way for someone like me who’s basically a non-cook to pull off a meal like this is to just pick a few things I’ll do, and let others (Betty Crocker, the Pillsbury dough boy, Sister somebody who makes really great frozen rolls, and so forth) help me with the rest. :)

So we’re doing:

  • turkey (breast only - no dark meat lovers here, and Jared and I are both total wimps about picking an animal off its bones)
  • mashed potatoes (go Idaho!)
  • sweet potatoes (remind me never, ever to follow a recipe that combines sweet potatoes and orange juice concentrate again, okay? okay. This year it’s straight up sweet potato+marshmallow goodness)
  • green beans (nothing fancy)
  • homemade apple pie (except crusts - thank you Dough Boy!)

Also featuring frozen rolls (I would give so much to be able to make yeast rolls from scratch. If anyone wants to come teach me, let me know!), Stovetop Stuffing, canned cranberry sauce, and a pumpkin pie from the Target bakery. :P

Are you having family for Thanksgiving this year? Heading somewhere? Cooking a big shindig? Or (smart) ordering or going out? Whatever your plans, I hope your day is filled with joy, and love, and many, many things to be thankful for. Happy Thanksgiving!

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