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Low-Key Saturday. :)

I love low-key Saturdays. Ones that don’t involve working for 12-14 hours to catch up on projects. Ones that involve eating lunch at Firehouse Subs (a.k.a. the Firetruck Store to my kids), afternoon naps, and hanging out together in the evening.

Rowen has officially entered the, “I can get dressed BY MYSELF” phase. Which sounds more like, BY! MY! SELF! I don’t want to WEAR the brown SWEATER!!!, except as high and loud as a little pair of lungs can go.

Okay. So let me get it straight.. you don’t want to wear the brown sweater?

If there’s anything I’ve learned in four years of being a mom, it’s that sometimes it’s worth the fight, and sometimes I just need to let them have their independence. So we have divided up her clothing into three dresser drawers. Top drawer: socks, pj’s and underwear. Middle drawer: shirts. Bottom drawer: pants and skirts. So now she can pick whatever she wants, and heaven help us if we try to interfere.

Here was the Daily Outfit:


Quite fancy in her red skirt, purple shirt, red tinsel “snakie” she was using as a boa, and orange pumpkin bucket purse. The original outfit? A very boring, respectable jeans-and-brown-sweater combo. Who needs respectable when you can have a red tinsel boa? And let’s not forget that she is wearing Lightning McQueen underwear…

I love this girl. Gonna pretty much let her wear what she chooses to wear, and that’s ok with me.

Now we just have to try to keep her warm through the winter…

And here’s how we keep Ele happy when we just get home and we’re getting things ready for dinner. You-Tube on the iPhone!


His favorite YouTube vids are all space-related. He can name all the planets, so it’s fun to overhear him say, “Beee-niss!” “Earth!” “Marth!” “Nep-tune!” :)

Heroes. 1 Season Late 

 I’m totally loving season 1 of Heroes on my second monitor.  I am totally that girl who shows up really late to the movie and leans over and says, “So, what did I miss?” I don’t mean to be, but there it is. Heroes is scary and suspenseful and interesting and, frankly, a little addictive. :) I had to upgrade my Netflix account to get a few more hours of instant watching before our billing cycle starts again. My favorite part? Clicking the Next button at the end of the episode and another one starts. Feeding my little impatient impulse.

I’ve been paying attention to how often the camera does closeups, and how small the depth of field is. It creates a really out-of-balance effect to have only one eye of someone’s face in focus, it’s so interesting. 

During one of the early episodes, Hiro is talking to his waitress friend, whom he has gone back in time to try to save. He told her that it is a Japanese tradition that if you make 1000 origami cranes, you could have a wish come true. In case you’d like to try that out, I stumbled on a site with an animated tutorial on creating an origami crane.

Holiday Gifts

Are you making your own gifts this year? Or buying handmade? I’m just starting to think about gifting, and looking for some ideas. :)

I picked up the December issue of Martha Stewart, and found the amazing “Patterns by Pixel” article, which you can read here. I especially love the section on adding Japanese clip-art patterns to soap as cute gifts. :) It’s so cool to see Martha Stewart magazine using the computer for such cool stuff!

I have also found some really cute stuff on Etsy lately:

Loving this. It’d be perfect in a girl room.

Loving this one too. So cute! 

I picked up some of these books to add to gifts. :) 



"So Thankful" Mini Album Instructions

Photoshop Friday! Goodie Roundup! :D