Before + After: Kitchen Edition

    Elliott is sitting here in the chair in the office coloring, so I’m grabbing a few minutes to post before he goes to bed.

    We had our countertops installed yesterday, and the plumber came to hook up the kitchen faucet. So in the space of one year (+ 3 months), our kitchen has gone from this:

Kitchen Before 


Sprague kitchen, August 2006.

    You can see above the cabinets and on the floor that we bought a house with a fully wallpapered kitchen. And we stripped it all ourselves and repainted before we moved in. It was this really awful dark blue paper with huge pink roses on it. Just my thing, don’t you think? :P It took us about 10 days of work to pull all this down, since we mainly did it in the evenings and on weekends. Suffice it to say that we didn’t buy the house for the looks of the kitchen. At least, we could see that there was potential there. We love that it’s open to the back door and the living room (which is where I’m standing in this picture).

    And here is the after photo, which I took just a few minutes ago:

Kitchen After 


Sprague kitchen, November 2007. 

    We stripped wallpaper, painted the house color (Carrick Bend from Martha Stewart) and the red backsplash and accent wall, changed light fixtures over the table and the island, added the vinyl decals in red circles and white words, replaced the door/drawer hardware, replaced ALL of the appliances, added the counter stools, and the new granite countertops were installed yesterday, with the final touch, the stainless steel faucet and sink, which went in today.

    I didn’t know that a sink could make you cry. But I stood in there this evening, in my transformed kitchen, and cried a little. We have worked SO hard to make our place look good. It has been hard, working with two little ones underfoot and on a tight budget, but we did it. It’s done. And we love being in here now, together. THAT is what I have wanted. Not the granite, not the red paint, not even the cool vinyl decals. Just the togetherness. A place we loved that we could all gather together to share our lives. (And maybe even a place that made me want to cook. Jury still out on this one.)

    So would I buy a wallpapered kitchen again, knowing now what it takes to fix it up and all the opportunities for creativity and invention?

Not on your life, if I can possibly help it. :P

    So, tell me: Have you taken on a project, not really knowing how huge it was going to be? (is this motherhood to a T, or what?) How’d it turn out? 

 Next post: I know something ELSE that’s new and improved! :D

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