Relaxing weekend. :D

I spent some time last night playing with my new action set from Nichole Van (enabled by Danielle Thompson, whose photography/editing is amazing, and I’ll freely admit to lurking regularly on her blog).

Here are some, fresh out of Photoshop, my first time playing. Still getting used to how much texture to put in or take out.




These are all done with her new Urban Actions + Textures, that includes texture files.  

And to top off the geeky goodness, I discovered that I can watch Netflix for free online (that part I knew), AND that they have the entire first season of Heroes (this part I didn’t know) that I can watch individually right in my web browser. I have watched them back-to-back all night long. Picture me rockin’ the Photoshop CS3 and Nichole Van actions on my main monitor, all while watching Heroes on the secondary. Dual monitors rock. :D

So far, I’m really liking Heroes. It’s different. I’m WAY too impatient to watch shows like this on regular TV, so I kind of depend on an entire season coming out at once so I can just watch them in one huge marathon. None of this waiting until next week’s To Be Coninued for this girl!

Other blogs that I’m stalking quite a bit:

Candice Stringham. Awesome photography, and she’s got an amazing talent for home decor. Check out her countdown to Halloween entries for some ideas for next year. I’m already planning to stalk for the Christmas prep. :) This is what I WISH I could do in my house. Instead, I refer you back to the three Halloween decorations from this year: 1) Carved pumpkin, 2) Small pumpkins covered in red Sharpie marker, and 3) Stuffed Jack the Pumpkin King doll from Disney World, sitting on our mantel.

Gala Darling. She’s got wacky outfits, she rocks the self-help and the weekly carnival of cool links, and she signs off with love-n-cupcakes. Such a positive blog to read. :)

Cool Mom Picks. Sent to me by Dierdre Keating (thank you!!), this blog features (what else?) cool picks of things on the web for moms. :D I think hey, I’m a mom! I’m cool! This is the blog for me. :D Dierdre pointed out the November 10 entry, which has ROCKIN’ hairclips which are totally going in Rowen’s stocking. I showed them to her on the laptop this morning, and she was like, “Mama! That one looks like Lightning! And that one looks like Thomas!” Finally. Some car/train/truck stuff for girls. Even if it is only barettes. Someone let me know if they ever come out with girl-type car or train underwear ok?

And a few cool links dealing with personality and brain hemisphere, just for fun! :D

  1. Are you right-brained or left-brained? Check out this interesting video/description. (p.s. Dancer is turning clockwise for me…) 
  2. Have you done one of these Myers-Briggs personality tests? I remember being something really different in college (last time I took this), so it was interesting to see. I’ll post my results tomorrow, but I’d like to hear yours. :D 
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