Life is full of funnies. :)

  • Crafts that kill..
Alright, y’all. Don’t forget to open a window when you do this to avoid potentially brain-damaging fumes. 

- A tutorial on making plastic “fabric” by ironing plastic bags together, over at 

  • Walking downstairs this morning to see Rowen standing in front of the TV, watching Curious George, with her PJ shirt on inside out, and a pair of black tights on. Apparently, regular old pajamas aren’t cool anymore, and THIS is what she was doing up at midnight. Again
  • At Qdoba a few days ago, we were eating, and a police officer walked in with his partner. He had a shaved head. Elliott stands up on his bench, points at the officer excitedly and says, “Anudder daddy! Anudder daddy!” (apparently all bald and shaved-headed men are also daddy…)
  • Rowen deciding that her Mater clock is officially too scary to have in her room anymore. We agreed.
  • (This will only be funny to Warcraft players or the people who love them and/or live with them.) We passed by the tailor shop coming a new way home a few days ago, and I said, (not knowing that this was total comedic setup), “There’s the tailor shop.” Without missing a beat, and in perfect deadpan, Jared says, “Do they make Imbued Netherweave Robes?” (Tailoring is a “profession” your Warcraft character can have, and it just happens that Jared had made these for my character, which I recently started playing again…) The answer? “No, I don’t think they do…”