Newsies. And not the weird musical.

The weekend was so laid-back and awesome. Elliott got his hair cut on Saturday. He sat up on the little booster seat all by himself for the first time. I thought my heart would explode.  We went to the “Fire Truck Store” (a.k.a. Firehouse Subs) for lunch. It’s Rowen’s favorite place, which should come as no surprise to anyone who knows her or has read my blog more than once or twice. Each kid got a red plastic fire hat, and they were proudly worn for about 2 minutes until they became projectiles and noisemakers and had to be confiscated. But it was two minutes of utter and complete cuteness. Oh, and I never knew that a WARM sandwich could taste so good. But their subs are amazing. We’re there pretty much every Saturday for lunch.

And then it was back to working like a madwoman finishing the text for the Hybrid special issue that’s coming out in April. Here’s a detail of one of the layouts that isn’t going in, but that ALMOST went in. Ha.


Here’s the whole layout:

Click for Larger
I really hope people like all the layouts that DID make it in. We had 10 contributors, including CD Muckosky, Tiffany Tillman, Kendra McCracken, Linda Harrison, Nisa Fiin, Joanna Bolick, Sheri Reguly, Sara Winnick, Jen Perks, and Dagmar Neumann. I love their work, and I can’t wait till this issue comes out! Eee!

We discovered one cool thing while we were working together as an editorial team on this book. If you haven’t tried Google Docs & Spreadsheets for shared documents, I highly recommend it. You can create a document or a spreadsheet and it’s stored online. Then, invite collaborators who can edit, or viewers who can view, and keep your collaborative documents up to date in real-time. There’s even a chat feature that Leslie Miller and I were using. How deliciously nerdy is that? Chatting. In a spreadsheet. But it’s awesome that there’s no more weird versioning and who has the latest one and blah blah. It has been a total life-saver, and so awesome. On the personal side, Jared and I put our Christmas wish list in a document and shared it with our family who wanted ideas what to get the kids. I’m going to use a doc for my weekly shopping list, so Jared can update it from work as well when he gets a craving. I think I say it like once a week, but I love Google. 

Also, I am getting my class ready for CKU. I’ll be teaching a 90-minute hybrid scrapbooking class four times at each CKU. My class is called Scrapbook Alchemy. I think adding computer techniques to paper pages is a little like taking base materials and turning them into gold. ;) It fits. So if you’re planning to go, sign up and bring your laptop with Photoshop Elements installed. We’ll be making two layouts and printing and embellishing them on the spot. I am so excited for this!

Also, my friend Kirsten is having a layout contest over at Those Were the Days. She has put together a huge and gorgeous (and discounted!) kit. Simply purchase the kit, make awesome pages, win awesome prizes. Check that out here

In the last bit of news, my digital class is almost ready to launch. I’ll post here when that happens. Have a great day!