Love me some factoids.

So I just caught myself saying this. I was telling Jared that I had added the home page of to my Firefox tabs. I’m totally one for absorbing 3 paragraphs about thousands of different subjects, so this page is for me. :) In the last week, I’ve learned about Hurricane Juan, these awesome Japanese dolls, and Star Wars I. How’s that for conversation starters at the next party? :D (Good thing I don’t really go to parties, I say…)

Scrapbook Factoids 

Speaking of factoids, I’ll pass along that I’m featuring a kit from Jen Wilson Designs for Photoshop Friday. And yep, I managed to score a coupon for members of The List. ;) So if you aren’t on it, there’s a blank box and a Submit button right over there to the right… 

I finished the editing for the Hybrid book last night - it’s about to go to press. I have to say it’s been a fascinating learning experience for me, finding out all about how the publication process works. And I can’t wait for the special issue to come out. Newstands on April 10. Right around the corner. :D

Also putting together my class for CKU this year. It’s a 90-minute hands-on Photoshop class called (what else?) “Scrapbook Alchemy”, in which we’ll be creating and printing two layouts, and embellishing them with traditional supplies. I am so excited for this. :)

Personal Factoids 

The forecast is “Mixed Winter” tomorrow. Whatever that means, it meant something to my babysitter, who called me this afternoon and said, “If there are flakes or ice, I won’t be coming.” (sigh). I get that she feels the need to be safe, and I certainly don’t begrudge her that. In fact, I find it more hilarious than annoying.

We’re definitely going through some transitions here. Just when you feel like you have things kind of figured out and sailing smoothly, you hit some kind of rock or drag bottom or your mast falls down, or whatever nautical disaster might happen to extend this metaphor right here… which basically means that Rowen, who we always prided ourselves  (since naturally this was our doing, right?) on being such a good sleeper, suddenly totally sucks at sleeping. For two weeks, she has been awake at 5:30 a.m., exhausted by noon, awake again at 3 p.m., and still awake at 9:30, opening and closing her door, talking through the crack with her face pressed up tight to it, so she sounds like “duddy uh wunnah nutha freeeend” or 50 other lame-o excuses for just not freaking laying down and closing her eyes. And then she is totally crazy exhausted for the next day. More crazy than exhausted, I think.

The weirdest part is that this has all happened within the last few weeks.  Jared and I just whine to each other now, “she used to be so GOOD at sleep”. And I can’t figure out, short of locking her in her room, how to get her to stay in there these days. We suck at consequences, I think. At follow-through. But what can you do to a small, happy-go-lucky girl who will be just as content playing with pocket lint as she is with whatever toy you might take away? This has reminded me once again that this parenting thing is a complete and utter mystery that eludes me most of the time. Sometimes, I get it right. Most of the time when I do, nobody notices, and by the next day things have changed and I have it wrong again. Right now, that confidence is shaking while I listen to one small girl  open-shut-open her door and wail for us to run her an errand (which, for the record, we don’t do).

Alright, enough factoids.  Gonna go down (now that the house is quiet and I have a few free minutes) and watch an old episode of Futurama. :)

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