It's a Warcraft Thing.

So I’m in the middle of making the final edits on the Hybrid special issue. I want all of the instructions to be right. I want nobody to get lost. I really should not have just “gone to lay down for a minute” at 8pm last night, only to wake up in total surprise at 6:30 this morning. That is, in this daily game, a case of Body 1, Spirit 0.

But I just needed tonight in my madness to finish these, to take a little brain break and share a couple of Christmas presents we got for the kids. All the Warcraft players out there will recognize these little dragons (the shirts… not the kids… at least most days…) , and I’ve already (nerdy girl that I am) posted these photos on my Guild message board. So why not share? Everyone knows what geeks we are. And everyone else? We just say, It’s a Warcraft Thing.

So here are my little Whelplings, Level 1 and Level 2:



MAN they are cute, no? Ah, my heart does a little happy dance.

Well, back to editing. If you see me next and my eyes have melted out of my head, you will know why

Have a great night! 

Jessica Sprague7 Comments