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I know that most likely, you came here to learn about Photoshop and hear the goings-on in the scrapbook world. But this blog is also about my life… and the everyday moments that make time stand still for me. I had one of those moments today, and I’d like to share it with you.

*End Disclaimer, begin story* ;) 

I sat down this afternoon and logged in to my chat program, as usual. Kids were quiet. Slipped my headphones on. Cracked a cold Diet Mt. Dew. And right away I got a chat from a very dear friend of mine (I would say old friend, but that has way too many meanings, right?). This girl and I met the first day of 7th grade. She sat behind me in Mrs. Dearing’s science class. We were both brand new that year, she having moved from Idaho Falls and I from Utah. And there we were in Sugar City, starting 7th grade, a notoriously tough year in a school (as small-town schools so often are) notoriously tough on “new kids”.

share_jes.jpgThis friend and I became Best Friends. The sleepin’-over, call you and don’t need to say who you are, walk to and from school, do everything together kind of friends, all the way through high school. We snuck out of our houses together… went to Perkin’s in Idaho Falls at 3 a.m. countless times … drove down for weekends in Salt Lake (leaving when they got off work at 10 p.m. Friday) dozens of times … developed thousands of inside jokes, and pretty much planned that we’d be next-door neighbors and our kids would play together forever. And we would, of course, rule the world at some point. Through different states and stages - marriage and work and family and so on, we have remained friends (although not next-door neighbors for the forseeable future, alas). It’s one of the golden relationships of my life, and she rocks my socks. And since she lives in Utah, I get to see her every so often, which is awesome. :) (This photo was taken when I was out in Utah in May at my sister Julie’s wedding. And can I just say does anyone EVER look good when they hold their own camera?? I definitely DON’T. Ha.)

This friend of mine, has watched for years while all her friends and family and everyone around her has had children, and has been unable to. And I admit that my own quick-succession kids have weighed on this friendship, because I haven’t really known what to say. It’s not like you can vent about kids to someone who wants, more than anything in the world, to hold her own baby in her arms. But because of this, she’s been an inspiration to me. She’s the kind of person who has faced one of life’s ultimate trials, and overcomes it, day by day.

Over the holidays, my friend and her husband began infertility treatment. I told her that I would pray for her every day. And I have. Harder than I have prayed in a long time, because I know what this means to her, and what having children means in my own life.

She had a low time a few weeks ago. A time when the overwhelming odds were getting her down in a serious way. I felt helpless, thousands of miles from her, with just a chat window as my opportunity to help. And a hymn came to my head, that sometimes does, that says -

Do what is right! Be faithful and fearless.

Onward, press onward, the goal is in sight.

Eyes that are wet, now e’er long will be tearless.

Blessings await you in doing what’s right.

So I typed them. I think they helped. I hope they did. I believe those words, and they have given me strength and hope in times past, when I’ve had none left.

Jump back to today.

I log in to my chat program, and she chats me right away and says, “Can I show you something?” 

She sends me a link.

It’s a photo.

Of a pregnancy test.

And it’s positive.

I was so overwhelmed that I just sat here at the computer and cried. I was sobbing so hard I could hardly see my screen to type. (And what do you say in a chat window at a moment like this, anyway? “Good on ya, mate!” with about a thousand exclamation points?) I was totally overcome with emotions - happiness for her and all that her future holds now, and an overwhelming sense of GOODNESS. Of the Goodness of life, the Goodness of God, who loves us, and means for us to be happy, that happiness is part of our design.

I don’t know how much my prayers helped. Obviously the medical intervention they did helped. And how awesome to live NOW and not 70 years ago when no such thing existed. But I feel a great sense of connectedness, and that earnest prayers really do get answered. I feel like I’ve been touched in some way by this experience, that has changed me, and made me better. And it’s a moment that will stand still for me in time, forever.

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