Well, we’ve been in NC for just under a year now. We’ve had rain, and sun, and wind. But we really haven’ t had anything even CLOSE to this..


This was my conversation this morning:

Me: “Look out the window! What’s on the ground?”

Rowen: “SNOW!” (jumping up and down and sort of squealing now)

Me: “That’s right! Do you want to go outside?”

Rowen: “Yes! Let’s take my PJ’s off and put some clothes on me and I can go outside… (and then a long and thoughtful pause as she looks out the window)… (and then she turns around and says to me) But Mama, I don’t know HOW to play in the SNOW…”

Well, it didn’t take very long to figure it out. We dug out last winter’s gloves and hat, and layered her up with a few jackets (not having purchased a winter coat, because eh. It’s North Carolina.) She did awesome for about 40 minutes - pushing her cars around in the snow, making tracks with her feet, and rolling rocks down the snow on her slide, until she slipped on some mud, and fell down, and got all dirty and wet. Then the tears came, and she realized that she was cold.

Whenever Rowen falls or gets hurt, she gets the sweetest wrinkly expression on her face, and the tears start flowing, and she says, “I want my green blanket!” in this drawn-out sob. It is the most heartbreakingly cute thing imaginable. So we headed upstairs to get her blanket and change her clothes. All better. :)

Elliott’s experience was a little different - we didn’t have any gloves for him at all, since he was in buntings still (at just about 6 months old) last winter, and had no need of gloves. But I put a hat on him, and some layers, and he toddled out onto the deck. He was SUPER excited to see the snow, and walk in it, until he bent down and touched it with his hand. He gave me this reproachful look, and said, “COLD!” and turned around and walked right back inside. HA!

Here’s the photo series of that:

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I did end up getting one sweet pic of him in his hat, but he really wasn’t that interested in being cold. He was much happier when I wrapped him in a blanket and let him watch Handy Manny while I went out and played with Rowen. He’s all about the comfort, that kid. 


My babysitter called me this morning, to0, to tell me she wouldn’t be coming today. I’ve been warned by other NC transplants that any amount of snow (i.e. 1/2 inch like we had last night) causes the North Carolinans to sort of panic and either a) stay home all day or b) rush out and strip the grocery shelves of bread and milk and bottled water. I’m witness to the first one today. But it’s cool. We’ll probably venture out together this afternoon and see what we can see.

PS Friday is tomorrow! Stay tuned. :) 

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