Got my Domino magazine in the mail today. I like the mix of styles and the great patterns and colors and textures they feature. I especially liked their feature on Fashion Illustration this month. I love those sketchy models in haute couture. So spare, and so moody.

The link to one of the images took me to a site I’ve never been before, called - a collective of UK artists and illustrators. Very, very cool stuff there. Some cool, complex digital art by John McFaul (love the tone-on-tone patterns and complex interactions of color), and more traditional collage-y stuff by Tim Marrs (I love the layering of color and all the awesome elements in the backgrounds of these), and this incredible swirly confection (how can something that’s entirely black and white still have that much energy?) that I’d love to hang in my house. Aaah someday. :D

So what have you seen lately that just stopped you in your tracks? Or that sent you running for a pen or your scrap table or your camera?

I love the new Autumn Leaves book, The Look Book. I also recently picked up a GREAT typography book, created by the same author who wrote another favorite of mine, Making and Breaking the Grid. These second two are both technique as well as inspiration books, and I’ve learned a lot from them.

The World of Warcraft Expansion came out on Tuesday, so Jared and I have been having fun getting to know the new zones and questing together again. It’s a fun way to spend an evening together. :) Speaking of which… have a great night! :D


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