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Good Day :)


Good Book Day 

So I’ve been out of reading material for nearly a week, and it was killing me. I have to have something to read before bed every single night, or I start going crazy. And nobody likes me crazy. So after a particularly long day in the tiger cage that my house can turn into sometimes, I headed out BY MYSELF to the bookstore. MAN do I ever need to give myself permission to do this more often.

I hit Borders, and started picking up books. Ones I’ve wanted to read, heard about, looked good, etc. And I told myself, I’ll put some of these down, I will.  I looked up a book by Sarah Vowell, whose audio essays on This American Life are so awesome (and, she played the voice of Violet on the Incredibles, so what’s not to love?). Put that one in the stack as well. Kept telling myself, I’ll put some of these down, I will.

And instead I went to the register and bought all 6. I won’t be without material for awhile now. And that feels good. I think I’ll even leave them out on my nightstand so I can go in and smile at my stack and think about how great a tub soak will be with one of these new companions.

Here’s my list, from last night:

I can’t comment on any of them so far, except the first half of Slaugherhouse Five, which was my random first choice. Kurt Vonnegut has this droll sort of self-deprecating style, that is full of moral commentary but comes across as simply “Wry 60’s guy”. And you know what? Books I read have different effects on me. I can absorb the plots of some, the language of some, the poetic word choices of some, but rarely, only very rarely, am I inspired to actually write something down.

I haven’t felt the need to pick up a pen and WRITE something, that wasn’t an article or journaling for a layout, in I can’t even remember how long. But I turned out the light last night, with Vonnegut’s words in my head, and the rolling cadence of his sentences, and had to turn the light back on and get out a pen and write things. That felt good. Keeping a “journal” has always been too much pressure for me. But this was just a sort of free-write, and I can’t even remember what I said… but it felt good and I slept soundly. So it’s all GOOD, right? :)


Good Mail Day 


I got my January kit from Scrapologie today. I ripped right into it, and oh my goodness is it GORGEOUS. Mint green is one of those colors that I never think of until I see it in action.

And check out the gorgeous designs with this kit by my girl Gabby. Whoa. And how about that New Year’s quote she did. 

 So I made some New Year’s resolutions. I did. Partly that’s because I love making lists. :)

I actually get satisfaction BOTH from making lists, and from ticking things off when I get done.  I’m a girl very motivated by lists. Maybe it’s the confidence knowing I won’t be waking up at 2 a.m. with four more undone things swirling in my head.

Here are some potentials to add to YOUR list, if you’re inclined to make them (and get as much satisfaction as I do…) Some are totally frivolous, right? But that’s what makes lists so great. It’s yours. Put whatever you want on there. :)

  • Email someone out of the blue who has helped or influenced or inspired you, just to say hey
  • Call a friend, if calling is your thing
  • Make some hot chocolate and give yourself permission to sit down and drink it while it’s still hot
  • Get a new book, one that you’ve been meaning to read (see the list above)
  • Choose one thing you’ve been ‘meaning’ to do, and do it. Right now. No excuses.
  • Download a free digital kit and make a layout. (Okay, I just HAD to throw that one in there. haha.)
Just some suggestions of course. Have a wonderful day. Good things are brewing.


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