The Word of the Day: Momentum.

I feel like I’m emerging from a month-long fog, in which I’ve barely been able to keep the day-to-day things going (pretty much this means feeding and bathing kids, and putting them to sleep), let alone all the other stuff that keeps piling and piling (and Gabby can attest to them… she saw them last night ACK!). In my struggle to just GET WELL for Pete’s sake (don’t you just feel like you need to say “for Pete’s sake” every now and then?), my to-do list has grown, and I just haven’t had the energy to start on it.

Maybe it’s a little like a shuttle liftoff. The gravitational pull of the body and the need for sleep has to be overcome by a really big burst of energy (and let’s not forget some really strong antibiotics). I got that today, and man, was it amazing. 

After doing quite a bit of incredibly random cleaning (Ms. Short Attention Span at one point had the vaccum out, the hot water running in the sink, the dishwasher open, and was washing the kitchen table off…), I was thinking about all the other things I’d like to do with my momentum, and just feeling happy and grateful to have SO many good things in my life right now. And most especially, people. I love hearing from people I’ve never met (thanks for your emails and posts here, by the way!). I love making new friends. I love keeping in touch with old friends, and I’m just considering how much richer and more vibrant my life is because of people.

And it also occurs to me that because of the massive black hole into which all my energy feels like it’s been going in the past month, that some of the people who mean a lot to me, haven’t heard about it.

So today, I’m grateful for momentum. I’m answering a backlog of emails. If you’ve written and haven’t heard from me, now you know why.

I’m grateful for Gabby, who emailed me out of the blue that we should get together and scrap last night. We laughed and listened to Ben Folds and went to dinner and actually DID get a little bit of scrapping done (sounds almost too good to be true, I know). She confirmed her friendship for me right after a week when I was missing my Minnesota ladies pretty terribly, and I’m grateful for her.

I’m grateful for my little family, here in North Carolina. Who are patient with me and all so darned snuggly I can hardly stand it.

I’m grateful for my renewed ability to see things.  So glad for that, in fact, that I really felt like I should post about it. No pictures to accompany, just a little statement of “Glad to be back and feel real again”, and I’ll leave it at that.

Thank you 

One more note. I’m so, SO impressed by the layouts you’ve been linking and emailing to me. They are gorgeous, heartfelt, creative expressions telling the stories of your life. And that rocks so much.

Digital scrapbooking and hybrid scrapbooking can be HARD to learn. There, I said it. It can be confusing at first, and so often you feel like you’re just sitting there banging your head against a wall. Nobody to come sit down beside you and be like, no, you’ve almost got it, just this one small thing. But you know me. I think Photoshop is worth knowing, as a skill and a means for expressing yourself creatively. And every time you link or email me, it’s confirmed to me that this is the case. So thank you for doing that. It takes effort, and I’ve been truly sucky about responding to email this past month, but just know that it makes such a difference to me. :) Thank you.

Have a wonderful rest of the weekend. 

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