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Well, we’ve officially moved. All our stuff is in various states of disarray. Most of it is in the garage. But we have electricity, a/c.. pretty much all we’re missing is…

 hot water.

 Yeah, nobody told us that we have to call and get the gas hooked up here. See, in MN, you can’t shut it off, you just transfer the name of the person who’ll be paying the bill.. so it wasn’t until we showed up with the small ones on Saturday that we realized that we had no hot water. Jared and I pretended we were in Brazil and just toughed out some cold showers. Kinda refreshing, actually. But we heated water in the stock pot to put in the kids’ bath. And we’ll get to keep on doing that til Thursday. Ahh.

 Learning new things (like about how they do things differently in other states, but since it’s “normal”, nobody thinks to tell you…) is so much FUN sometimes.

 So if you’ve sent an email in the past few days, I’ll get to it asap. We’re still sort of in-between here, since of course we can’t move the computers until we get Internet access at the new house. ;)

PS Friday will resume as normal on Friday.

 Thanks for all of your kind wishes! I’ll post pics of the new place as soon as we get stuff a little more in order.

Have a great day! 

Finally Feeling more Settled

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