Nisa Nisa bo Bisa...

My very good friend Nisa Fiin is coming into town tonight to visit. Wahoooo! :D She’s a professional photographer, 2006 HOFer, and generally hilarious and awesome. And I can’t wait to see her, and hang out, and scrap, and laugh, and not sleep, and take tons of pictures. :)

 I met Nisa at the 2peas crop last August. I had found the online community at Two Peas in a Bucket about 3 months before that, and decided to take the road trip to Wisconsin to enjoy it. And it rocked. :) From then on, Nisa, Kirsten, Michele, Angie, and later Susan, Margie and Jenny would get together once a month to “crop” (read: shift paper around, shop, and laugh until we cried). I would come home from those events so full of inspiration and so hopped up on people, I couldn’t sleep for hours afterward. Ha. Those were good times.

And then we decided to move far away. From the first group of friends I’ve really had in scrapping, and I’ve missed them. :\

I think people get into scrapbooking for a lot of reasons. Artistic ones and shopping ones and paper-fetish ones (anyone else want to admit loving the school supplies aisle at the grocery store, or stocking up *ahem* a little more than your kids for back-to-school?), but also social ones. And I think the most important one of all is that scrappers recognize the importance of telling these stories. They’ve seen the look on faces of loved ones as they page through albums of photos and layouts, of stories told about them and for them. They believe that these creations are of lasting value and significance.  This particular group of friends scraps for basically the same reasons that I do. They know.  And I think that makes scrappers a little different, I really do.

So maybe that’s why I hit it off with my MN scrappy ladies. We’ll be friends forever, no matter the distance. And that is awesome to me. 

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