Happy Thursday

Sometimes it feels like life just speeds up. Days go by. Weeks. And suddenly it’s the middle-ish of September and my head is spinning and I still have boxes in my living room. How does this happen? And why is my bathroom still purple? Because nobody sees it but me, and other things take/took precedence. Pretty much the answer to every single question I could ask, I think. But I really REALLY don’t love the purple.

Tonight Jared has to work late, so the kids and I are going to prowl the mall and perhaps eat something unhealthy at the food court for dinner. Sbarro? Chick-fil-a? Perhaps some random faux Greek? Ahh, now that sounds like fun.

And shall I sing the praises of “fall” in North Carolina? The heat broke and it has been a solid 75 since Monday (when it rained. So it can’t be perfect all the time. That would just be weird). Absolutely beautiful.

 Here’s a photo of my two smalls eating watermelon (in the entryway/living room on account of the rain) on Monday.


I guess one benefit of not having furniture in there yet is that there’s easy cleanup from watermelon. Right? Looking on the bright side of things. :D

 Scrap Outside the Box Charity Event this Saturday September 23

In some other news (okay this is scrapbook related. If you aren’t a scrapper, you can stop reading now. But I think there are only 3 people who read this who aren’t, so mom and dad, and Share, you can stop reading. ;))

I’ll be participating in an online crop for ScrapOutsidetheBox.com, who is hosting a charity event to benefit the American Cancer Society this Saturday, September 23. They are also hosting FOUR online crops this Saturday. I’ll be participating in the ones at 6pm EST and 10pm EST, and I’ll be helping to judge the layouts for the contest! I would love to see you there on Saturday, in the SOTB chat room. :)

If you can’t make it to one of Saturday’s online events, but you would like to donate to the cause and pick up a great kit in the process, you can purchase their charity kit here: Scrap Outside the Box Charity Kit (all proceeds benefit ACS).

See you tomorrow for PS Friday! Yippee! And thanks to Janet O. for the idea. :D 

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