Finally Feeling more Settled

And with this post I think we’re back in business. :)

 We had a great visit from Jared’s dad this week, who helped us move furniture, install lighting fixtures, stir boxes around, and generally try to get our feet back on the ground. It was awesome to have his help and just hang out with him. It has been a rough few months adjusting to life in the East, and I feel like I’ve been sort of on extended travel, rather than at home anywhere. But the new place is coming along.

Here’s a photo I took (in RAW! Yeah!) of Rowen and her Papa Dean:


Sometimes I forget that she’s only 2 1/2. She has been a big sister for over a year, and remembers everything. EVERYTHING.

We’ve been living in a first-floor apartment for 6 months, with upstairs neighbors who have small kids. We often hear the pounding of running feet, and Rowen would always say, “What’s that, mama?” And I would say, “It’s just our neighbors, upstairs making noise.” We thought no more of it until a couple days ago when Rowen (whose new bedroom is on the 2nd floor of the house) started running in circles around her room and said, “Look mama! I’m a neighbor!”

Apparently a neighbor is someone who runs with pounding feet. Ha.  

Anyway, back to the photo. Now that I’ve had the chance to play with the RAW converter that comes as part of Photoshop CS2, I think I’m kinda hooked. :) It doesn’t take any longer to edit photos, and I can do quite a bit more to them as far as correction goes.  Any RAW photographers out there? What software are you using?

For the PS Friday-ers, I’ll make it up to you,  I promise. :) Next Friday’s PS Friday will be a big one.

I’m excited to get back  online and catch up with a whole lot of stuff. Emails (sorry! I’m working on it!), my online classes from the Art Institute, assignments, my course development for the CK online series I’m teaching. I just have to learn how to block out all the packed boxes that are calling my name…

Anyway, we’re back in business. Elliott is getting really close to walking now:


His newest word has come because of our move to a two-story place with stairs. You can hear him making his way over to the bottom of the staircase saying, “Bup bup bup”.. meaning that he intends to climb them. We’ve got two big boxes in the way right now, needing a baby gate instead (but having not gotten around to it.. and what’s two more boxes in a sea of 30 in the front entry?), and he gets pretty mad when he wants to go bup bup and can’t get past the boxes. That boy has a scream of rage and frustration to rival any I’ve ever heard. But I do try to indulge him in at least a few trips climbing the stairs every day. Who can resist when he’s at the bottom of the stairs, so tiny, and looking at me and saying, “Bup bup bup?” Not this mama, that’s for sure. 

Have a great evening! 

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