Back to Goodness. :)

So it went down like this. Sunday morning, I was sitting here at the computer and Rowen walked in. She said (in her sweet small 2 1/2 year old voice), “Mama, I want to make a scrapbooking page like you.”

Ah. I thought my heart would explode.

So I let her pick out a color of cardstock, dug out a picture I’ve been meaning to scrap, put some adhesive on the back, and she glued it down. Accent it with some stickers, and some “Letters to daddy” in black pen, and she had her first layout finished. She was SO proud of it. And I was so proud of her.

So here it is. Doesn’t she rock? :D

Rowen’s First Layout

Here’s to many more layouts, my sweet girl.

Okay, I’m needing some help. I have this red wall that faces the eating area in the kitchen. I need a really great quote. Something inspiring and family-ish. I’m going to  have it done by Wonderful Grafitti in white. Any ideas?

We are moving on Saturday. New place. New paint. New appliances. New carpet. A home. Our home. I feel like we’ve been living out of a giant suitcase (our apartment) for 6 months. Even our washer/dryer is rented. I can’t wait to really feel some ownership of something again. Aside from the computers and the really handsome scrap stash (which has taken over this little corner in a very serious way. whoa.)


Elements 5

A couple more things. I’ve been taking an advance look at Photoshop Elements 5. And some of the features I’ve lamented as I’ve prepared my online digital scrapbooking classes are there. Yeah! They’ve added in some really cool stuff. They aren’t giving a public release date that I know of, but I will say that if you are using Elements 2 or 3, you definitely need to upgrade. And if you’re using Elements 4, you should seriously consider it.


And the last thing. I got a cool package from Amazon yesterday. Huey. Finally someone has come out with a monitor color calibration tool that won’t break the bank. Honestly, a calibrated monitor makes ALL the difference when you’re doing work you’ll print at home. I have gotten several emails from people wondering why they adjust something perfectly on their screen and then print it, and it’s dull, muddy, and flat. Or it’s too red. Or it’s too blue. The trouble is, that the monitor is showing you something different than the printer is printing, and they need to be calibrated.  I’ve been recommending Monaco EZ Color, but it has a hefty $300.00 price tag. Granted, the Monaco product actually has you print out a test sheet, and scan it back in, so in the round trip you actually create a color profile for your monitor, printer, and scanner. It’s amazing. And it’s $300.00. And the price just goes up from there.

Enter my little friend Huey.  b000cr78c4.01._aa280_sclzzzzzzz_v56331893_.jpg

Even the name is cute. hee hee. :)

Made by Pantone, this little device includes software and a colorimeter, which is the hardware piece that sticks to your monitor and measures its output against color tables, and adjusts them for accuracy. Here is an in-depth review with more photos: Pantone Huey Review.

<enable> You can pick one up from Amazon that ships FREE with Super Saver shipping.  </enable>