I’m 31 today.

Rowen made her first scrapbook page yesterday. It rocks. I’ll post it tomorrow. She was so excited.

My allergies are kicking my butt.

And so is this ear infection I can’t seem to shake.

And so is our new house, which (provided we get all the rest of the painting done) we move into on Saturday.

(Anyone else want to get in line?) :P

Oh, and the kitchen? The house color, with accents of red. Yep. Red. I’ll take pics when I go over tomorrow. It looks so cool. 

Okay, end whiney post. I will be back tomorrow with goodness. 

We rented Corpse Bride - so I totally am NOT going to spend the night in front of the comp. It’ll be the first full-length movie I’ve seen in over a year. (Yes. I am that geeky..)