Just Not Yellow...

I admit it. I gave in to peer pressure.

I’ve heard all along that if you want a bright, sunny kitchen, you ought to paint it yellow. Yellow, the no-fail bright happy kitchen color. So we bought a Martha Stewart color called Foxglove. I mean, you can’t go wrong with a color called Foxglove, right? (See where the mental train of thought was going? You can’t go wrong with yellow because they tell you so…)

So why does the wall I painted behind where my new fridge is going tomorrow, remind me vaguely of my high school gym? I get no warm and bright feeling walking in there, just this really weird mental reference to high school and the gym. If anyone lives really close to Sugar-Salem High in Sugar City, Idaho, and wants to pop over and see if the gym is a bright happy kitchen yellow color, that would be awesome, and would solve this little mystery for me. :D 

Needless to say, our kitchen will not stay yellow.  (And I’m SO not trying to insult you if your kitchen happens to be yellow.) Instead, I need a color that suits me better.

Our tastes tend to run pretty modern, so if you have a really cool idea for a kitchen color that does NOT somehow resemble any part of my high school (I’d like to forget about it, if it’s all the same), post the name for me to check out, ok? I’d love some help here. The cabinets are white and the countertops (for now) are white as well.

All the rest of the place seems to be coming along. Tomorrow I’ll snap a pic of the office/scrap room. 3 walls in Carrick Bend, and the window wall in this really GREAT green color called Pressed Leaves. Now THAT is a color you can’t go wrong with.

Okay, I’m sweaty and paint-y and tired. (Was that TMI?) Off to shower and head for bed.

But looking for good, modern kitchen paint that has worked for you…  what about like a burnt orange color? I’m fairly certain nothing at my high school was burnt orange…