The best news of the week.

Sorry I went underground for a couple days. I was buried under scrap stuff. Kind of literally..

 But I just got some fabulous news. Last Monday Jared shipped out a package for me with 8 projects - 7 layouts and a papercraft - to MM for the last book I’ll be working on with them. And on Tuesday they emailed and said it never arrived. WHAT?

And the ONE time you don’t get a tracking slip (through a weird turn of circumstance ALL of the copies of the slip went on the package, where one of them should have come home with us), and something like this happens. We called the post office here and in Cincinnati. We went to our post office. Nothing.

So I was gearing up to re-make most of the layouts. Feeling pretty resigned about it by this morning (got my weeping and teeth-gnashing out of the way early in the week), and lo and behold! I got an email saying my package finally arrived. Sure, it was Express mailed and it’s 11 days later.

BUT WHO CARES? It’s there! Yippee! Prayers are answered.  

 I promised a sneak of my new kit. It’ll be available as part of a CK offering. I need to make sure I can post it. :P So I’ll be back later with that news.

 Uh, and can you believe it’s FRIDAY?! I’ll have a PS Friday up here in no time. I was working on a layout this morning. See you again this afternoon!

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