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Home schtuff.

So we settled on a paint color. For everywhere but the kitchen and one wall of the scrap room/office.

It’s a Martha Stewart Signature color called Carrick Bend. It’s mostly brown with a little teeny bit of green. And check it out! This very ambitious web development company actually put Hex and RGB codes to every single Martha Stewart Signature color. WOWEE.


So if I wanted Carrick Bend for my blog AND my bedroom, there it is.

And in our really desperate need to change out the chandelier that is hanging over the space where our kitchen table will be, I was checking out lights last night. Found this one that is way out of our budget, but so cool I can hardly stand it:


See that red bit? That’s actually one of three acetate filters you can slip in to have blue, yellow, or red glow. Awesome.

Okay, I’ve been busy designing a few new papers to go in a Mystery Kit. Tomorrow I’ll give a sneak. Shhh. Don’t tell. 

Also, don’t forget about the 2fer Tuesday. You’ve got a week to make two layouts with the same kit, and post the links to the comments from the 14th. Cool? Okay go! :D

The best news of the week.

2fer Tuesday CHALLENGE