Ears and Eye Candy

So I’ve had this ear infection for a long time now. Like 3 weeks at least. And since we don’t have a regular doctor here yet, I’ve been lame and not gotten it taken care of.

I know. Lame.

 But in my defense I called the doctor who is by our new place, and they can’t see me for 2 weeks. So they suggested Urgent Care. 


So on Friday it got really bad, and off I went to UC.

The Dr. was nice and confirmed that  yes indeed, I have an ear infection. I was all set to get my amoxicillin prescription and head for the pharmacy (I am old hand at this ear infection routine). Instead he prescribed ear drop antibiotics. Cipro, to be exact. The stuff of the Anthrax scare…

Well, apparently the Anthrax scare did nothing for the price of Cipro ear drops,  because even WITH insurance this little bottle was $85.00. My eyes bugged out of my head when she said that. But what you gonna do? March back to Urgent Care and demand to stand in line for another 2 hours so you can get a cheaper drug?

Serves me totally right for not signing up at a new doctor here before we even got sick. 


But I think expensive lessons are good ones now and then. They are quite effective teachers. :)

Okay, enough of ears.

Eye Candy 

We’re embroilled in choosing paint colors and basically scheming about the decor of our new place, and I happened upon these at 2modern:


They’re pressed wood and spray-paintable. We’re going  to get 2 sets for the living room.

Oh and this? Above the bed in our room. Killer.


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