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When you leave the room...

Do you ever wonder what your kids are like when you aren’t there?

 I spend a lot of time around my kids, since they’re so tiny, but every Sunday Rowen goes into a special church class for 1 1/2 - 3 year olds called Nursery. It’s mainly toys and snacks, and the kids love it. It also gives parents a chance to go listen in a class for once (or teach one, as the case might be). Anyway, last week I got an email from a friend of mine from church. She had happened to be in the Nursery class last Sunday. She said:

Rowen played with the boys building train tracks.  Most of the boys fought over who had the most trains, but Rowen just quietly worked on her train track the whole time.  When she ran out of track pieces, she put trees and people down as the track.  I thought it was pretty cute!


I read that and laughed out loud. That’s my girl. She loves trucks and trains, and would rather play quietly by herself than with a big crowd. And she’s VERY focused. When she gets a plan in her head, she can be quite tenacious about getting it done. In fact, I snapped a picture of her building one such “train track” here a couple weeks ago. We don’t have anything in the way of track, so she improvised with pretty much all the toys from the toy boxes.

So … I guess I don’t have to worry much that Rowen turns into something different whenever I leave the room. MOST of the time, that’s probably a good thing.  


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