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Real Life is Taupe and sore fingers

Jared arrived home at 5 p.m. We loaded the kids into the car and drove to the new house, where we discovered to our joy and amazement that the awful wallpaper comes off of the kitchen walls with relative ease. :)

 I say relative, because it does still involve scraping up a corner with a fingernail or utility knife and peeling away the top layer, then soaking the paper backing with this spray gel stuff, and then using a wallpaper scraper to scrape that away until you can see (JOY!) white wall! I never thought I’d be so happy to see white wall in the kitchen. And the whole time I was painstakingly pulling wallpaper I was muttering Why Do They Even MAKE Wallpaper Anymore? And maybe they don’t. And it’s a good thing.

My fingers are sore from picking up the corners of wallpaper. My forearms are sore from the squirtbottle of goo. And my arms are sore from the scraper. But we have half a kitchen of white wall now, and THAT is a good thing.

And in other home improvement news.. we thought we’d narrowed our paint chip choices down to one real gem. The one we could be happy with as the base coat to return the house to a Single Color to Start From. It’s called Classic Taupe. And right there, I should’ve realized the problem. No good thing can ever come out of a word like Taupe.

 And this was no exception. We bought a quart can of Classic Taupe, and a little 2-inch paint roller, and painted a test patch on the living room wall. On the chip it looks like a very nice sort of medium brown color. In the can it looked like very light milk chocolate. And on the wall?


Classic Taupe is the shade of cheap liquid foundation. Even the little sponge roller looked like a nasty dead makeup sponge.

 So back to square one. I went back to Lowe’s tonight and picked up a bunch more paint chips. And you probably guessed, none of them say the word Taupe.

When you leave the room...

A New Home.