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A little magic. :)

I think everyone deserves to spend Christmas with an almost-3-year-old who ‘gets’ it for the first time ever. It was magic. Rowen got a train table, which was assembled (by her daddy and grandpa) and waiting for her as she walked down the stairs. The look on her sweet face was completely unforgettable, and she has barely stopped playing with it for 2 straight days. Ahh. Now THAT is Christmas. :)


In fact, it’s obvious from the photo that I was having at least as much fun as she was. Dorky mama. :P But  it was awesome fun. 

We had a great time through the weekend, baking cookies, making good food, playing with the kids, taking walks in between rainstorms, playing pinochle at night when the kids went to bed. I have awesome in-laws, and I feel pretty blessed and lucky for it. :)

I hope everyone had a great holiday, spent surrounded by family, friends, food, laughter, and love. Jared’s off this week, so the party continues. :)

Photoshop Friday! 2007, Issue 1 :D

Happy and Merry..