Happy and Merry..

This past two weeks have been very tough on me. The usual holiday stress, of course, feeling like you’re running and will never catch up - and then I’ve got bronchitis.

 And poor Rowen has been so sick this week. We’ve been to the Dr. twice, and she is just starting to feel better today. She and her Grandma are downstairs rolling out holiday cookies. Which is about the sweetest thing ever.

Jared’s parents are in town for our green Christmas. My first ever, to be honest. I’ve never lived anywhere that it doesn’t snow during the winter, so seeing how the non-snowies get festive has been very interesting (Christmas parade, anyone?).

I apologize for how silent this place has been lately. This has been a very rough two weeks. I’m looking forward to having a nice quiet weekend with my family, and pretty much holing up from today til Tuesday, snacking on good food, laughing with everyone, playing games, and just enjoying the season.

Photoshop Friday will resume the first Friday in the New Year. Looking forward to chatting up the PS with you. We’ve got some really cool stuff planned coming up next year (the release of PSCS3 not least among them! wee!) - I’ll be teaching at CKU, there’s a Hybrid special issue coming out in April, my digital classes go live very soon, and all kinds of other things. :)

Hopefully I get the chance to post again, but I want to wish you a Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, awesome family time, photos that turn out, and awesome layout subjects for months to come. May you never run out of adhesive in the middle of a project. :)

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