My Red Wall

I had been meaning to get some vinyl lettering from Wonderful Grafitti ever since we decided to go with the red accent wall and backsplash in the kitchen.

I purchased the vinyl circle decals from Blik, and LOVE them. They start at this red walll, and sort of spray around the corner, up the adjoining wall, and the last one is over the fridge. It’s a cool effect, I think.

But I finally decided on and ordered my quote from Wonderful Grafitti. It’s from the StoryPeople by Brian Andreas, who I discovered through my girl Nisa, and it fits what I wanted to say perfectly. This wall overlooks the kitchen table, where we spend so much of our ‘ordinary life’. But it seems to me that some of the best times I remember are exactly those ordinary ones, and so often ones spent around a table. So I figured this would be a good thing for this red wall:


Anyway, I promised pictures of our new place a long time ago, so I figured I’d get one up. This is my new favorite spot in the downstairs. :) 

Jessica Sprague9 Comments