Photoshop Friday! {Issue #15}

Good evening! It’s my 3rd post of the day, since I know you’ve been counting.. ;)

 Okay, some good news and some bad news.

First the good news: I finished the layout for PSF, and here it is:

Photoshop Friday #15 - click for larger
The best news of all? I made this entirely in PSE. That’s right, curvey shape and all.

And the bad news? I am having a game night with some friends tonight, and I can’t post all the step-by-step instructions. But it’ll be up tomorrow. I promise. For now, I just wanted to leave you with the layout to pique your interest.

Have a great night! I’m spending mine rolling up a half-elf Ranger and gathering around a mini map to beat up some monsters. Yeah baby. D&D lives on. ;) 

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