Vacation hangover.

Ever get it? That day (or two, or three) you need to recover from all the delight of the past week? I apologize for the sparseness of the blog writing. Nisa’s visit to NC was awesome.

Some highlights:

  • We went to, I think, most of the scrapbook stores in the Raleigh/Durham area. We went to Carolina Memories (gotta be one of my favorites anywhere) twice.  And ate at the Mediterranean deli behind the store. Twice.
  • We went to Jared’s and my favorite little local restaurant, Baba Ghanouj. Twice. (Does there seem to be a pattern here? Am I a creature of small habits or what? But you know, when you find a good thing, you just have to go with it. Right?)
  • We scrapped. I completed a couple of assignments. We bought new scrappy goodness:
  • The Journaler’s Notebook from Creative Imaginations (here we see Nisa’s effect on me. I “may” just handwrite some journaling. Someday.)
  • Bazzill’s new, BIG cardstock-covered  chipboard tags
  • And yeah, I had to succumb and actually PURCHASE the new Hall of Fame Special Issue. And at the risk of sounding sort of pretentious - not what I intend - I need to say that it is marvelous. I was (of course) amazed by the diversity and beauty and general real-ness of the Hall of Fame layouts, and especially delighted by the Honorable Mention layouts. There are some unforgettable stories in here, and it’s awesome to read.
  • Patterned paper from 7Gypsies, KI’s new Grateful line, and assorted others
  • And Nisa picked me up these AWESOME acrylic date stamps from Rhonna Farrer/Autumn Leaves
  • We played this hilarious game called Geeks: the Convention. Just the perfect thing for a bunch of geeks to sit around and play. And there’s this one bit where if you don’t have a card to play, you’re supposed to shout yrag xagyg save me! And we were puzzled over that for a long time. Turns out, it’s Gary Gygax spelled backwards. Still stumped? Enter Jared, who said instantly, “Oh! Gary Gygax, the creator of Dungeons and Dragons”. So he won the Ultimate Geek contest that night. ;)
  • We watched about 8 episodes of Lost, season 2. Trying to catch up to tonight’s Season 3 premiere. Didn’t happen.  

Let’s seee..

Oh, I started taking some new medication, and for the first time in my life, had an allergic reaction. So that started yesterday when I woke up with some itchy red bumps on my arms and neck and stomach, and Nisa had the great good fortune to accompany me to the doctor’s office (just the thing you love when you’re on vacaction, eh?). Anyway, over the day and last night it got worse, and I’m about 90% covered in a big itchy red rash (I don’t think I’ll be showing any photos of that) and hoping this NEW hey-that-wasn’t-supposed-to-happen medicine kicks in at some point and makes it go away… But, in the words of my sweet and supportive husband, who is really just trying to see the bright side of things,

At least it’s not on your face.

Oh, and pictures. Many, MANY pictures. And I’m SO glad and grateful for that. Here are a couple. More to come (and you’ll probably be seeing pics from this trip in various assignments for awhile).



Have a great evening. :) 




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