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Jack the Pumpkin and a Few Blog Ramblings

Meet Jack.


It was our first adventure in pumpkin carving as a family. Elliott spent pretty much the whole  time squawking that we were cutting up a pumpkin (and hence no flattering photos to post), but Rowen dived right in and helped dig out seeds.

But they both loved turning out the lights and seeing Jack’s face come to life. I have discovered that being a parent definitely makes holidays more fun. Halloween hasn’t been this cool in 20 years at least. My best friend from High school, Share, and I were chatting last night about one of the last times we went trick-or-treating together (both our parents made us stop at age 12, so it was probably… 1987?). She went as a refrigerator and I was a washer/dryer. Yes. The costumes were handmade.

It’s interesting to think back on that time. Most of the coolest memories I have are when I was doing simple things that wouldn’t otherwise draw a lot of attention. And that brings me to the quote I decided to have done at Wonderful Graffiti and put on the red accent wall in my kitchen:

Time stands still best in moments that look suspiciously like ordinary life. ~Brian Andreas

I love it. It’ll be the constant reminder that our ordinary life is worth celebrating. Worth remembering and recording. And that unexpectedly, in the course of our ordinary life as a family, we have times that will stand still in our memories forever. Ordinary life ought to be celebrated.

Anyway, back to 2006. Aside from the fact that we have no costumes or candy, we’re all set for Halloween here. ;)

About this Blog

I’ve been doing some thinking. Several of my favorite scrapbook bloggers have recently decided to give up their internet presence. Each of them is trying to find balance in her life and deciding how best to spend her time. And I admire that a lot.

It has me thinking about what I’d like to do here.

Here’s an excerpt from a post I made at a private message board a couple weeks ago:

When I met with Tracy [White] a couple of months ago and she invited me onto the CK team, she said something that I will remember for the rest of my life. It is her personal philosophy, but I think it really defines the CK philosophy as a whole. She said,

There are unlimited ways to scrapbook. Whether you use white cardstock and a pen and photos, or do the whole thing digitally, or some mix of paper and cardstock and the computer, it doesn’t matter. As long as you are telling the stories of your life, it is scrapbooking.

I can’t agree with her statement more. And that’s why you haven’t seen CK spin off a “digital sister” publication - which in essence tells people, yeah, we recognize you, but YOU guys over here, and YOU guys over here. Everyone has a place at the scrap table, whether with a pen or a mouse in hand.

I have a somewhat different perspective on this because I started out as a paper scrapper. I have as handsome a stash of paper products (and keep buying them) as anyone could ever ask for - but I’ve done computer techniques from my first page on. ANY mixture of the computer with paper scrapbooking can be considered “hybrid” - I think many people are surprised to find that they are, indeed, hybrid scrappers without even knowing it. Wink

I also have a different perspective because I really believe that Photoshop is worth knowing. It’s part of my mission in life to help people to achieve whatever success in that tool they’re willing to put the effort into learning - because I really think that it HELPS in the quest for telling the stories of our lives. And I think with more knowledge, there will be less fear, and perhaps even more participants in this awesome hobby. “

So why did I post this? Because I want you to know where I’m coming from. I have reasons for continuing this blog, and I hope that you will find something here that helps you, or gives you something to click on every now and then. :)

I really do believe that Photoshop is worth knowing as a tool for recording the stories of our lives. So I’ll keep writing about it. And you’ll get some of my family and personal ramblings mixed in for spice. ;)

I hope you’ll keep coming over for PS Fridays. I hope if you’re starting out in Photoshop that you’ll keep going, and that if you haven’t started, but want to, that you will. Feel free to send me an email if you like, and I’ll try to help out, or at least point you in the right direction for info.


Have a great day! 



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