100 in 10, Day 3.

Happy Saturday! The CHA trade show has been a lot of fun, and very tiring, and a lot of work, but a lot of fun! I LOVE SCRAPBOOK PRODUCTS! There, I said it. I have a bunch of photos I’ve taken, which I’ll get in and uploaded after the show ends tomorrow. It’s so cool to see what all of the manufacturers are coming up with that we can use to tell our stories. :D

And I’ve read the amazing ideas you have provided in the comments to add to our list. We’re nearing 100 already, and it’s only day 3! Keep adding to the list, I’d love for us to have a big pile to play with at the end of the 10 days! 

Here are today’s 10:


21. Do a layout featuring your top 10. Or better yet, make a mini-album.

22. Think about turning points. What small or large things in your life have been turning points, events or moments that you can point to and then say, “This thing changed my life.” It can be big things - getting married, having a child, getting a new job, or it can be small things. What turning points have made you who you are?

23. On the plane the other day, I read an ad (always reading ads, can you see the trend here?) that was about a huge sale they’re having in Hawaii, with “vintage surf equipment and other Hawaiiana”. I thought, “Hawaiiana. What a cool word. Sort of the vintage or quaint artifacts of a certain theme (think Americana). So I was thinking, what things in my life could be considered Jessicana?  What could someone look at in your life that is so reflective of you, but in a quaint, artifact way? (I think well loved teddy bears and blankies fit here, for example…)

24.  Choose one word. Let’s say it’s Love or Family or Togetherness or Friendship, or Home, and so forth. Write that word down. Now without stopping, write down 50 more words that are the FIRST things you think of. Write them all, no editing. See what comes out.

25. Add a crown to someone on your layout.

26. Rough up some edges on your layout. In paper, bust out the sandpaper, paint, ink. In digi, find some grunge Photoshop brushes (my favorite of all time is the Digital Distressing Kit from ScrapArtist - it even comes with a tutorial!), load them up in your eraser or with your brush tool in white or brown or black and swipe away (on a new layer!) at the edges of your items.

27. Include one transparent or semi-transparent thing on your next layout. Maybe that’s something printed on a transparency. Maybe that’s a semi-transparent journaling block or semi-transparent title over a photo.

28. Create a layout where you talk to yourself as a little kid. Or a bigger kid. Like so:

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29. Tell a story about a great compliment you were given. Perhaps your reactions to it, as well. Like so:

Click for Larger
30. Include a circle shape on your next layout. Can be huge or small, can be patterned paper or photo or slightly off the page. Can be a circular photo collage, even. :)

Have a wonderful night!